What’s the procedure for closing multiple tickets simultaneously in AntMyERP?


Log in to AntMyERP: Access your AntMyERP account by entering your login credentials.

Navigate to the Service Module: Proceed to the Service module section within the application.

Access “Open Service”: Locate and click on the “Open Service” option.

Inside the “Open Service” section:

For Installation and Breakdown Calls: Switch to the “All” tab to view Installation and breakdown call tickets.
For Preventive Maintenance Calls: Navigate to the “PM” tab to view Preventive maintenance call tickets.
Perform Ticket Selection:

Check the checkboxes corresponding to the tickets you want to close.Click on the Orange button and select Mass update

Upon selecting the desired tickets, a pop-up window for Mass Update will appear.
In the pop-up, update the ticket status to “Closed”.
Provide the necessary information such as due date and assignee name.
Click “Save” to finalize the changes.
Note: The Mass Update operation will close the selected open tickets. Keep in mind that each Mass Update process can handle up to 50 tickets at a time.

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