General FAQ of Spare Parts Management


How do I request parts without a contract call in AntMyERP?

You cannot process a spare request without a contract. Please reject this spare request. Create a proper quotation and contract.Log a new service call. Within the contract, raise a spare request accordingly.


Why can’t I issue spares to an engineer in AntMyERP?

You can only issue spare parts with serial numbers to the engineer from AntMyERP. Issuing spare parts without serial numbers is not possible in the system.


Can a returned spare part be reissued to the same or different engineer in AntMyERP?

You can surely reissue the returned part back to the same engineer or assign it to another engineer through the spare parts process from Portal


How do I edit and add more spare parts to issued spares for an engineer in AntMyERP?

You cannot edit or add new spares once the issue of spares is completed. You can only use or return the spare. To issue more spares to the engineer, please create a new spare issue.


How can I export spare issue data from AntMyERP to Excel?

Yes, you can export spare data in Excel. Log in to AntMyERP with your credentials and navigate to the Service Module. Click on ‘Issue Spares,’ then select the ‘Download’ option at the top. This will provide you with the data in Excel.


How do I issue multiple spares to an engineer using spare requests in AntMyERP?

You can issue multiple spares to an engineer through the ‘Issue Spare’ function.


What’s the process for issuing chargeable spare parts to clients in AntMyERP?

To charge for the spare part, please create a sales quotation for the Spare Book and then convert it into a contract.
Raise the spare part request from the service ticket, following the Request spare part process.
Approve the spare part request as chargeable and proceed to execute the order.


Why can’t the engineer use spare parts after the issue is completed in AntMyERP?

Please note that engineers can use spare parts only after the request for spare parts is approved. To approve, log into AntMyERP with your credentials:

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