Contracted product not visible while logging service calls


Why am I unable to see a contracted product in the service ticket creation process in AntMyERP?

If you’re experiencing difficulty viewing a contracted product while raising a service ticket in AntMyERP, please follow these steps for troubleshooting:

Step 1: Check if the Contract Status:

Ensure that the contract associated with the product is active and not expired. Contracts might dictate whether a product is eligible for service.
Step 2: Verify Ticket Creation Process:

Confirm that you’re using the correct procedure to raise a service ticket for an existing product.
Step 3: Review Serial Numbers:

If the product has multiple serial numbers associated with it, you might be encountering a display limitation.
Step 4: Use the Search Function:

Try entering the serial number into the search box during ticket creation. This should display the specific product with the matching serial number.
Step 5: Contract/Product Link:

Double-check that the product is correctly linked to the associated contract in your AntMyERP system.
Step 6: Clear Cache:

Clear your browser’s cache and cookies as they might sometimes cause display issues.

How can I access the contracted product using its serial number during ticket creation?

If the contracted product doesn’t display initially during ticket creation, follow these steps to access it using its serial number:
Step 1: When raising the service ticket, look for a search box or filter option.

Step 2: Enter the specific serial number of the product into the search box.

Step 3: The search results should display the contracted product with the matching serial number.

What if I’m still unable to locate the contracted product even after using the search function?

If the search function doesn’t yield the expected results, consider the following:
Ensure the correct serial number is being used for the search.
Check if any filters or settings are affecting the product’s visibility in the ticket creation interface.
Verify that the product is indeed contracted and associated with the appropriate contract.

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