How do I activate Tender Management on the Portal?

To activate Tender Management on the Portal, follow these steps:

Log in to the Portal with Super Admin credentials.
Click on the Settings Icon in the left menu.
Navigate to the Sales section.
Under Sales Preferences, search for “Tender Management.”
Check the box next to “Tender Management” to enable this feature.


How to set up for create Masters of Tender Management?

Q1: How do I log in with Super Admin credentials?
A1: To log in with Super Admin credentials, use the designated username and password provided for Super Admin access during the portal setup.

Q2: Where can I find the Settings section in the portal?
A2: Navigate to the left menu and locate the “Settings” option. It is typically situated within the menu on the left side of the portal interface.

Q3: How can I access the Masters Options under the Settings section?
A3: Within the Settings section, look for an option labeled “Masters.” Click on it to access the Masters Options.

Q4: How do I go to Tender Management within the Masters Options?
A4: After clicking on “Masters,” you will find a specific option for “Tender Management.” Click on it to navigate to the Tender Management section.

Q5: What options are available under Tender Management for creating masters?
A5: Under Tender Management, various options for creating masters are available. These masters reflect in the tender form. Explore the available options to create masters specific to your Tender Management needs.

Q6: How do I create masters in Tender Management, and how does it impact the tender form?
A6: Within the Tender Management section, you can create masters by filling in the required details for various options available. These masters will be reflected in the tender form, contributing to a more customized and efficient tendering process. After creating masters, remember to save the changes.

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