Save button disappears after adding quantity to the order in AntMyERP. How to resolve this issue?

The issue is related to products without serial numbers. The stock for the specific product model has not been added, which is why you are unable to proceed with the order. To resolve this matter, please follow these steps:

Verify whether there is available quantity for the Product Model in the AntMyERP Stock. Additionally, ensure that the stock branch and location for this product match those specified in the quotation for this sales order.

To perform the verification, navigate to the Inventory module:

a. Go to “Reports.”
b. Navigate to “Location.” In the case of products without serial numbers, select the ‘without serial number’ in Group and search using the product model.

If you discover any discrepancies between the model number or serial number, consider taking the following actions:

a. Delete the existing order.
b. Create a new quotation with the accurate product model, stock branch, and location.
c. Proceed with the order once these details are correct and properly aligned.

Following these steps should effectively address the issue you are currently encountering.

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