What are the Reports of Campaign and their output?

Campaign Profitability Report:

The Campaign Profitability Report aims to provide insights into the financial performance of a specific campaign.
Key Metrics:
Revenue: Total income generated from the campaign, including sales and conversions.
Costs: The total expenses incurred during the campaign, encompassing marketing, advertising, and operational costs.
Profit/Loss: Calculated by subtracting costs from revenue, indicating the overall financial outcome of the campaign.
Helps evaluate the return on investment (ROI) for the campaign.
Assists in identifying successful campaigns for future optimization.
Campaign Expected vs. Actual Report:

The Campaign Expected vs. Actual Report is designed to compare the anticipated outcomes of a campaign with the actual results achieved.
Key Metrics:
Expected Metrics: Initial projections for metrics like reach, engagement, conversion rates, and revenue.
Actual Metrics: Real-time or historical data reflecting the actual performance of the campaign.
Variance: Numerical difference between expected and actual results for each metric.

Tips for Utilizing Reports:

Regularly review both reports to make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.
Analyze patterns and trends to refine targeting and messaging strategies.
Use the Campaign Expected vs. Actual Report to fine-tune projections for better accuracy in future planning.
Leverage insights from the Campaign Profitability Report to allocate resources effectively.

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