“Why Advice from Seniors will Make You Rethink?”

“Why Advice from Seniors will Make You Rethink?”

“Good Morning Everyone”, I greeted my senior and other teammates

Generally, our daily morning meet starts with beautiful smiles and pleasantries, but today was a bit different. There were some sad and tensed faces.

As the meeting commenced, the team was locked discussing one of our Client complaints. Client’s complaint was pertaining to some development progress which couldn’t be resolved on time. Although It had its own genuine reason to be incomplete.

The client was really upset. Inspite putting all their efforts and hard work, our technical team was still struggling to solve the problem and trying to reach the solution.

Lot of discussions & arguments were going on amongst our teammates to find possible ways of solving the problem and responding to the Client.

While I was listening, I was almost lost in the pool of thoughts.

Being a Client Servicing Manager, the question suddenly came to me, “What’s your opinion about this situation, Dhara?”

For a few seconds, I didn’t know what to reply as I was stuck in my thoughts.

Before giving my opinion and somewhat irritated in my mind, I asked a question to my senior,

“While selecting our product/software, they seemed very happy with us. Infact, they were very excited about the whole system that we demonstrated to them.

We have been working very hard to fulfill their requirements and get the delivery on time. Since its technical glitch, there are challenges bound to be considered which can erupt at our end too.

Without doubt Our technical team has been putting all efforts to get the work done on time.”

My senior smiled and expressed his words,

“You are right, we all feel this at various levels of hard-work and all the struggles that we go through.

But today, looking into it rationally and logically. They are our Clients; they have all right to put blame because the fact is that we couldn’t deliver certain development on time.

But that doesn’t mean, we can’t have discussions/arguments. We do have this daily meeting to discuss and argue on different challenges that we come across in our work life.

Productive factor can be that these problems need to be rectified. It requires correction and how we improve them.”

He also added, “One complaint from our Client is helping us to regulate, manage, achieve and implement our inner self.

What is in our control is hard work and provides favorable results.”

Being satisfied with his reply partially, I still asked further,

“So, Sir, does it mean that we are not working hard and putting all our efforts?

You have always been a witnessed to this.”

My senior enhanced his smile furthermore and enlightened us just the way, he would be speaking to his kid.

“Team, whenever you feel criticized and left-out … Don’t be miserable.

Sit alone for a while, look into your own self, maybe you require to put your hard work in more organized way and generate optimum results.

This is the beginning and ongoing process to this Software industry.”

We all resumed our respective work, with a feeling of motivation and getting to be more organized.

“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” – Calvin Coolidge

— Dhara Boricha

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