Know Your Wish, Keep Trying, Destiny will Follow

Know Your Wish, Keep Trying, Destiny will Follow

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, enjoying my morning walk through the lush greens of National Park.

“Hey! Dhara?” I heard an unfamiliar voice, and a man standing in front of me. I looked up to check who it was. I was flabbergasted to see my school friend Yogesh after so many years in this park. It was a nostalgic moment for me. Yogesh and I started taking a stroll around the park and started talking about ourselves.

While conversing, I got to know that Yogesh deals in the software industry. To be precise, he deals in the Sales and Service aspect of Software and Hardware products. I was overwhelmed to come to know about this since my company develops ERP for many such business sectors. We thus found a common point of discussion relating to our professions.

Our conversation led to a serious discussion about how to manage the workload, about the internal staff and ultimately, the growth of the business. “You know Dhara, I have been trying to grow my company ever since I started gaining a profit, but I keep on getting stuck. Being into product business, I get ample of products, I sell them or rent them, depending on the requirements, but I’m still trying to get things more organized. The worst of all is that I have completely lost track of the stocks in the warehouse. I don’t know whether they need to be discarded or need to be repaired. I’m really am trying to find the solutions to all of this!” mentioned Yogesh in a concerned tone.

Being an ERP savvy, my obvious reflex went into asking a series of questions regarding this to him, “How are you managing the entire workflow? Is documentation in sync or is it integrated? I hope you don’t mind me inquiring you on the same. These are not the obvious hurdles, but are they the root cause?” I further questioned him, “On which platform do you operate? Which software is implemented in your system?”

“My team manages it on Office and a Financial Software.” I was shocked when I heard his reply. “Yogesh, how many products, do you deal with and how many clients/vendors do you manage?” I asked. He in a very serious tone responded, “About 150 clients, and more than 200 products.” A smile grew on my face, and I was joyous to learn that I could share my knowledge about ERP with him.

“Yogesh, why don’t you try installing an ERP into your system? That should be extremely helpful with your current nature of business” I suggested to him. Yogesh responded, “In fact, I did think about this, but I never found the time to have a look at any of the options available. More so, I am afraid that the system won’t be able to understand the nature of my business, and I am worried about the finances attached with it.” I was further flooded with a million questions regarding ERP, to which I gladly responded.

I further added, “Hold on, let me explain the benefits of ERP related to your business,

  • ERP shall provide panoramic process of various departments
  • It provides consistent flow of work from one department to another ensuring the smooth completion of every single process
  • You receive a detailed report to analyze the Status of Leads Generation, Sales Completion, Inventory, Finance, etc.
  • There are various modules in ERP like Purchase, Sales, Service, Operations, Human Resource, Asset Management, Inventory, Finance, etc. to keep everything in synchronization
  • It’s possible to even integrate it with other systems, incase its already in use by your organization
  • It optimizes your business processes
  • The same ERP would be installed across your various departments, so there won’t be any need to buy or use any other software
  • If you calculate, it shall be cost effective with Optimum results.

These are just few of the benefits which were at the top of my head.”

Yogesh’s eyes sparkled; it was as if he had found his treasure at the end of the rainbow. He immediately said, “I need to look for such an ERP company.”

“You are speaking to an employee of one of them”, I said with a twinkle in my eyes. He replied with a smirk, “So you were trying to sell your system?”

“No no Yogesh, I am not selling my ERP to you, it’s a need of the hour for your business and many such businesses of this industry. I am glad that today I don’t have to market ERP but that I can guide someone explaining them the true benefits of ERP, which I am sure shall help you in future.” I said with a genuine look on my face.

“Chill Dhara, I was just joking with you about you trying to sell the ERP to me. On a serious note, when can I get to see the ERP demo, understand how it will work and its USP for my business?” Yogesh inquired. “Since it’s a Sunday, it may be difficult to get a demo organized today, but my team shall present you a demo at your convenience.” I said pensively.

Almost an hour had passed walking and chatting at the park. We bid our farewells to each other with hopes to meet up once again.

I returned back home with joy and a smile taking over my face. I was glad that my profession could help someone improve their business and get complete information regarding an integrated system.

“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

– Dhara Boricha

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